CDF: A Collective Action Initiative is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2010. We work to connect and engage the diverse residents of Clarkston, GA by helping residents recognize and develop their assets and assist them in creating activities and services that benefit the community.


CDF engages residents and partners to craft innovative, culturally sound, community-driven education initiatives, building on community assets. Our mission is to transform education so that all Clarkston children and youth will be nurtured, supported, and prepared to learn – from before they enter kindergarten through post secondary education.

We work to accomplish this mission by:

  • Engaging families and the community in the education of their children and youth;
  • Mobilizing resources and opportunities for families to be leaders and advocates;
  • Enhancing or expanding existing early learning and kindergarten through 12th grade programs, practices or policies; and
  • Developing new innovative, multi-lingual/multi-cultural resident-driven/informed early learning and Kindergarten through 12th grade programs, practices, or policies.


Our vision is that Clarkston, Georgia, will be a thriving, vibrant, and diverse community where all residents’ voices are heard and where all community members work together to transform education.


CDF believes relationships matter and residents will support what they help create. CDF helps communities move ideas into actions. CDF:

  • Listens.  CDF convenes and facilitates conversations with residents – including those who speak different languages – so that they have the opportunity to share their vision and ideas about education in Clarkston.
  • Connects.  CDF links residents to opportunities and resources – both building on existing local assets and serving as a catalyst to mobilize new resources.
  • Equips.  CDF equips residents, particularly parents, with the skills (a) become (a) engaged leaders in the education of their children and youth and (b)  help shape education policies, programs, and practices.
  • Acts.  CDF facilitates decision-making processes leading to actions.
  • Evaluates. CDF uses data and evaluation to inform our practice.
  • Shares. CDF communicates the strategies, results, and lessons learned from CDF’s community building, decision-making processes, and education work with others, inside and outside of Clarkston.


The CDF Team is a group of people dedicated to helping the people of Clarkston be the best they can be.


A dedicated group of individuals who believe in the power of people.