Team building – Conflict management – Group decision making processes

Turning ideas into action – Energizing motivation

Mobilizing assets for community change

Train the trainer

What does your group want to accomplish?

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the Institute for Community Development!

CDF’s Institute for Community Development offers workshops on many of its principles and practical tools as a part of our place-based work in Clarkston, GA. We also offer workshops outside of Clarkston to groups interested in community engagement, participatory processes, strengths focus, and collective action.

The Institute uses many methodologies to approach change making, as well as principles and tools that apply in almost any setting.

The Institute for Community Development is a partner to groups in all stages of development: Identifying, Communicating, Deciding, Connecting, Acting.


  • Asset Based Community Development: Appreciative Inquiry, Asset Mapping
  • Training for Transformation: Problem Posing, Identifying and Analyzing Root Causes
  • Participatory Decision Making
  • Organizing and Advocacy

Suitable for businesses, faith groups, schools, nonprofits, community organizations, civic associations, government, youth programs, retreats, and more

Contact or 404-736-6602 to discuss bringing an Institute Facilitator to your group.