27 local groups celebrate local engagement at Community Connections

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Print This Post Print This Post The center of the gym  at Atlanta Area School for the Deaf (AASD) held a line of tables crowded with groups and organizations. Many at the tables were community members working with local groups. Others were from schools, religious institutions, and government organizations. Circulating from table to table were families with children, who had come to learn about the activity happening in Clarkston.

It was a significant cross-section of Clarkston residents and stakeholders that attended Community Connections last week at the AASD. The tables were lined with flyers and displays, and everyone was eager to share about their work in Clarkston and make new connections..

Community Connections was a CDF-sponsored event that drew over 90 people to the AASD gymnasium on the evening of Thursday, June 13th to celebrate the good work happening in Clarkston.

The evening kicked off with the Vegetable Parade. More than 30 community youth were in attendance. Those from the Clarkston Community Center after-school program had prepared costumes for a parade at the end of May’s Pedestrian Safety Month. Due to rain, they had not been able to show these costumes yet. So they dressed up as vegetables and paraded through the gym.

As the youth returned to the childcare room, attendees played games and visited a video booth, giving them the opportunity to play together and to share their visions of Clarkston.  Groups were encouraged meet and discuss the work each and every one was engaged in, and to learn about the many activities going on in Clarkston.

CDF Executive Director Jeremy Lewis then invited each group to take a turn at the microphone, announcing one by one who they were and what they do in the Clarkston community.

The evening concluded with the announcement of a new initiative called the Community Trust, a long-term project CDF will undertake in the coming year.

CDF wishes to thank all the community members for attending Community Connections, and special thanks to the many groups and organizations who had tables. We look forward to working with you more in the coming months!

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