CDF Announces Perennial Agriculture Course

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Clarkston Development Fondation is excited to announce a DIY Perennial Agriculture Course starting October 8th. This course will be eight sessions, covering process to practice. We are partnering with the Clarkston Community Center as the venue for this course that seeks to begin to empower the participants to start the process of turning their yards into an perennially edible landscape.

We’ll begin by thinking about design, different elements you may need in your yard.  We’ll then focus on water issues and how to capture rainwater in the ground on your property so your yard is more resilient all year round, as well as in cisterns for supplemental irrigation storage.  Next we’ll talk about soil fertility and compost, and no-nonsense ways to increase soil fertility.  Finally, we’ll talk about trees and plants, which ones to use, where, and how to think about planting them.

Half of the course will consist of class time work and the other half of the class will be actually working on the Clarkston Community Center’s grounds to gain the practical experience of what is being discussed in the classroom.

Class Times: Saturdays, 7:30am-5pm

Class Dates: Oct. 8th, Nov. 5th, Dec. 3rd, Jan. 7th, Feb. 4th, Mar. 3rd, Apr. 7th, and May 5th.

Location: Clarkston Community Center

Cost: $400 for all 8 classes; $75 per class (subject to availability)

*Scholarships available for Clarkston Residents

For more information and to download a flyer, click here DIY Perennial Agriculture Course.

Spaces are limited. Please apply soon by emailing inquiries to:

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