Community Academy

Community Academy is an interactive 5-day community development course offered by CDF in collaboration with the University of Missouri’s Community Development Program Division of Applied Social Sciences, College of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources.

This course is designed to help participants develop the skills necessary to successfully bring people (often with diverse views and opinions) together around common issues. Course participants learn how to deal collectively with their issues of concern and give purposeful direction to their own futures.

This course is designed to provide an understanding of community development methods and tools for community workers. The course covers topics such as:

-Techniques for Effective Group Work

-Dealing with Differences

-Community Assessment

-Practicing Community Inclusion

-Action Planning

-Evaluation and Monitoring

-Measuring Impact

-Developing Local Leadership



•Monday 12noon-7:45pm

•Tuesday – Thursday 7:45-7pm

•Friday 7:45-3pm