Take 5 Minutes

Building community doesn’t happen overnight.  It happens in small bits of time.

 Do you have 5 minutes or even 15?

Here are some suggestions of where you can start.

Five Minutes CDF is about connections.  Make a connection with a neighbor by just saying hi.  Wait, that’s less than 5 minutes, so ask them how their day is! Find out about what is happening in Clarkston.  Sign-up today for CDF’s newsletter.

 Post on Facebook about how community has impacted your life.

 Search #community on Twitter and find out what people are saying.

15 minutes  Do a quick search online for engagement in your community.

 Learn about what Community Engagement is NOT.

 Write to a local official about something that is important to you.

 Watch some community building videos on YouTube

25 minutes  Take a walk and see your neighborhood!

 Relationships are at the heart of everything we do.  Have coffee with someone and learn more about them.

 Read a bit: Learn more about how community engagement transforms the community.

5 hours – Volunteer to share your talents in Clarkston or your own community.

– Read a book from our suggested reading list (You don’t have to do it all in one sitting!)

 Visit Clarkston for the afternoon!

5 Days  Learning is key in community.  Join us for one of our Grow Yourself, Grow Your Community Workshops!