• Joined team in March 2011
  • Born in Savannah, GA
  • Favorite color is magenta
  • Favorite song is "Rhapsody in Blue" by George Gershwin


I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and an Associate degree in Music performance. Work has included such adventures as teaching science labs to future nurses, working with securities in the stock vault of a prominent broker in Atlanta, building from the ground-up an ethnic restaurant, and parenting two exceptional children.  Most recently, I have worked with a group of people who raise the funds necessary to go to various locations in the world to pursue work they feel led to do.

What is your favorite game to play?
My favorite game, not a board game, is Witch, Old Witch, What Time is It? This is a version of tag that was passed down by my grandmother. All of the children – all ages – would gather on the porch and wait for the Witch. When the witch arrived, we would all call out, “Witch, old witch, what time is it?” The time was a secret from the witch. Older children would help younger children learn how to play the game.

What is your favorite movie? Why?
Fiddler on the Roof is my favorite movie. Growing up in a large family, we did not often have times of entertainment outside of what we originated; it was just not in the budget. So it was a great surprise when my parents wanted to take me to a movie just before I left home for college. I was not their first child to go to college but I was the first one to move away from home to do so. One facet of the story, a child growing up and moving from home, was probably still in my parents’ minds when they drove me to north Georgia, 8 hours away from home, and left me among strangers. I will never forget the experience of the movie and I will never forget when Mom told me about how Dad had to stop the car after they left me so that he could clear the tears from his eyes. They were strong while with me, to keep me strong among all of the unknowns I would experience without them.

Do you prefer life in the city (urban) or life in the country (rural)?
I am partial to the country. I like trees and flowers and space. I like quiet places and slow paces. Bricks and mortar and asphalt are just not my cup of tea. Masses of humanity in a hurry are an experience I choose when I want to achieve an end such as visiting Chinatown in LA. But it is always nice to return to my home in the country.

Which would you rather swim in: a stream, a river, a lake, or the ocean? Why?
I have been swimming in lakes created by TVA in TN and NC. I liked the freshness of the lakes but not the sudden cold currents and not the slimy bottom. I have played marbles in the icy water of newly melted snow in a mountain stream in Highlands, NC. I have traversed many shallow mountain streams while hiking. I grew up on an island bordered by the Moon River and inter-coastal waterways through tidal marshes. Oh my, the crabbing was great!

My favorite, though, is the ocean. Once a summer, when Dad had a day off from work, our family made the 20-mile trip to the beach. We always packed a picnic lunch and would swim before the sun got too hot and then go to the local park to eat deviled eggs, pimento cheese (homemade) sandwiches and drink sweet tea. Then if the weather allowed we might swim again after a rest.