Urban Agriculture Class Continues at CCC

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On the cold morning of January 7, the Urban Ag Class finished moving a total of about 70 yards of mulch at the Clarkston Community Center. A huge word of thanks goes out to all the class members who really worked hard to move that mulch!

This was a part of the next stage of the edible landscape installation and an important part of adding organic material to the area to improve the overall soil on the site. 

Later in the day, during the classroom time, the main topic focused around soil. We talked about what soil is, how it is made and why we need it! I hope you will stay tuned to how this project continues to develop. Next month, some of the perennial plants go in the ground.

Check out a picture of one of the seven rain gardens at the CCC after a rain…

This will be empty and the water in the ground within 12 hours after the rain event. Ready for plants to take a drink when needed!

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