CDF, A Collective Action Initiative, is a 501(c)3 organization, founded in 2010, working in Clarkston, Georgia’s diverse, multi-cultural community. CDF works to connect and engage the community of Clarkston and surrounding areas by helping residents to recognize and develop the individual capacities of every person. By supporting participation and collaboration among community members, we work to build a community whose residents drive and direct the development of activities and services that benefit the community. Our primary goal is to encourage and equip community members to take a leading role in their own futures.

The results of CDF’s community engagement work are threefold. First, through relationships we help community members develop a greater sense of belonging. Second, we encourage an environment where community members value and celebrate diverse cultures and people. Third, we envision a community whose members are interested in staying and are committed to the community. By achieving these results, residents become engaged and active in their community. In turn, the community becomes more vibrant and resilient for the future.


Clarkston, Georgia, will be a thriving, vibrant, and diverse community where all residents’ voices are heard and where all residents work together to realize their collective future.

CDF convenes conversations within the Clarkston community to help residents articulate their visions for the future and develop action plans to achieve those visions. This process ensures that a sense of ownership for the community originates and grows from within the community. CDF believes a community that is shaped by its residents is stronger and more viable than one shaped by outside forces.