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From events to community reports to all the good growing in Clarkston, there is sure to be some reading of interest.

    July 11th 2014

    Lorrie King, CDF’s Community Health Director, is working with IRC’s Summer Youth Camp to focus on health education.  Forty youth from 16 different countries had the opportunity to share health challenges and possible solutions. (more…)

    July 10th 2014

    Ten teens paired off to practice interviewing one another as part of the training for Know Your Neighbor.  Know Your Neighbor is a summer initiative of CDF’s to increase connectedness among teens, their peers, and neighbors.  This initiative involves walking door-to-door and asking residents how they feel about Clarkston, their gifts and talents, and generally getting to know what one another.  Each walk is supervised by 2 adults from CDF.

    During the last week in June, teens were trained on how to talk with people, ask questions, listen and take detailed notes.  They started exploring their neighborhoods July 1 and will walk the rest of the month.  The group has already met with 12 families and will continue to go from neighborhood to neighborhood.  Be on the lookout and say hi to your neighbors!

    July 10th 2014

    CDF is pleased to welcome two new community connectors:  Ameena Sulaiman and Betty Hasan-Amin.  The Community Connector Team will play substantial role in the process of building relationships in the community.  Both Ameena and Betty are Clarkston residents and bring great skills in knowing the needs and wants of their neighbors.  The Community Connector Team will work to link residents to existing projects in Clarkston, and bolster the overall feeling of community!

    June 25th 2014
    Join us on July 12, 2014 for the Early Learning Community Trust Info Session
    Families, child care center staff, business owners, educators – anyone interested in early learning
    Saturday, July 12
    10:30 am
    Clarkston First Baptist Church Family Resource Center
    4007 Church Street, Clarkston GA 30021 (more…)
    June 21st 2014

    Some participants gather for a photo with Birthe.

    The Photovoice Clarkston exhibit debuted at World Refugee Day and will find a more permanent home at the Zuckerman Museum of Art as part of the Hearsay Exhibit.  Hearsay’s opening party is July 6 from 5-8pm and is open to all.


    June 16th 2014

    What are “do-able” ideas and activities that would support families with young children?  Several months ago, CDF partnered with Refugee Family Services (RFS) to ask this question.  The partners hosted a focus group with RFS’s Parents as Teachers families.  “Families need more time to be with other families who have children, to play and to learn how to support their infant and toddler’s development” was one of the themes. The idea was to plan additional  “play and learn” activities – where families get together with their children and learn and practice activities to foster child development, like using open ended questions to expand a child’s vocabulary.

    The next step:  A proposal based on the families’ ideas was written for a play and learn activity and submitted to the DeKalb Opportunity Zone, a project of United Way of Greater Atlanta.   The funds were awarded, and the planning began.

    Next, the parents’ formed a committee to plan the activity and to divide up responsibilities.  Several parents were assigned to call and remind other parents about the activity.  One of the fathers, Mon Rai, who is a champion of children learning both Nepali and English, offered to write down nursery rhymes in Nepali for the play and learn activity.  RFS would supply the transportation and purchase the refreshments.

    The result:  Sunday, June l5:  a fun day at a Milam Park gazebo, with over 20 families, elders, and children.  The families gathered in a circle and sang and recited the nursery rhymes that Mon Rai had so carefully written in Nepali (and some translated into English).  Parents were excited to receive a laminated and illustrated copy of the nursery rhymes.

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