New Year, New People, New Opportunities

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The New Year is approaching.  As I look back over the last year,   I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet so many people who live and work in Clarkston.  I am grateful for those who have shared their experiences, knowledge, culture, ideas and dreams with me.

When I think of Clarkston, I think of the families who seek to ensure their children will have good early learning experiences and succeed in school. I know a family from Sudan who value education, and their 10-year-old boy loves to read and is being tested for the gifted program.  I know a 4-year-old boy from Bhutan who was very shy when I met him during the CDF summer transition camp last June, but who gave me a great big smile when he saw me last week.  He proudly told me his colors in English and Nepali, and according to his mom, he seems to be flourishing in his pre-kindergarten class.

I have come to know several young Somali women who are committed to helping other young women enroll and succeed in college and I look forward to supporting their dreams this coming year.

It gives me hope that I have met so many talented people in Clarkston including artists, weavers, and small business owners.  I have met long time community leaders who are making a difference as well as wonderful individuals who organize apartment events and are the “go to” people for advice and resource.  I have a friend who says “there is someone I would like you to meet” and I always jump at the chance.

Clarkston is growing and changing every day!  In this New Year, I look forward to building on the work that we started together, meeting new people, and exploring new opportunities. I am thankful to those of you who have been and will continue to be my guide.

-Roberta Malavenda

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